What A Drunk Driving Attorney Can Do For You

What is DUI?

Driving under influence is a term used in the legal world for driving when intoxicated and impaired by alcohol drugs or anything equivalent to it. Drunk and drive is a serious offense that could have a permanent mark on your record. Having such charges on you could lead to a scared professional and social life. Including payment of heavy fines and penalties, the loss of driving licenses, detention for months in jail, could face a drastic rise in car insurance and could also end up having a criminal record.

Rules and law

According to the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, section 185 if the alcohol percentage detected is 30mg/100ml when tested by breath analyser, a person is considered drunk and is not fit to operate a vehicle. Under such an offense in India, fines and penalties for the first offence are fined up to Rupees 2,000 or 6 month imprisonment or both. Again if similar offence is made less than 3 years, a fine of Rupees 3,000 or 2 year imprisonment or both are possible.

Why is a DUI attorney essential?


Every individual has a right to an attorney in a drunk driving case, just as they do in any court proceeding. But the question at the end boils down to whether hiring a DUI lawyer really helps or just ends up being money making opportunity for lawyers. Having a thought on this question, it would be the last thing one would want to end up getting the case more complicated and aggravating the situation, leading to imprisonment.

If you are facing the offense of DUI, it’s essential to seek a legal help from an experienced attorney to help build defence. Hiring a professional lawyer is your best chance to minimize the charges of a DUI. Appointing an experienced professional lawyer could make a huge difference in the outcome to your case. With the help and assistance of an attorney one can understand the rules and can take the necessary steps for it. In such cases the attorney is in a better position to handle and present the case to reduce your penalty, sentencing or to even have your DUI charge dismissed entirely

Advantages of appointing a DUI attorney

  • An experienced drunk driving attorney knows the legal proceedings and essential legal rules for prosecution.
  • The attorney knows which arguments are most likely to appeal and carry more weight with the prosecutor. This is beneficial for building a good defence.
  • He has all the important information with regard to the people involved in the prosecution that gives him an advantage to present the case.
  • The lawyers have the skill for strong negotiation and in a better position to present the case and plea for reduction of sentencing or cancellation of suspension of licenses or any form of penalty.
  • If early and prompt action is not taken to fight the DUI charges, there are chances of one putting their future at high risk, including your potential future employment, schooling opportunities, and degrading your social image and community positions.

So it is advisable to take the necessary imitative and get in touch with a lawyer for your case.